Largest Employers

Augusta’s Largest Manufacturing Employers

 EZ GO Textron* Golf Car/Utility Vehicles 1277
Covidien Disposable Medical Supplies 850
International Paper Bleached Paperboard 820
Kellogg’s Cookies and Crackers 535
FPL Food, LLC* Beef Products 500
Thermal Ceramics Ceramic Fiber 444
Resolute Forest Products* Newsprint 374
Boral Brick Bricks 363
PCS Nitrogen Nitrogenous Fertilizer 350
DSM Chemical Caprolactam/Cyclohexanone 350
Augusta Coca-Cola* Soft Drinks 315
Carole Fabrics* Custom Draperies 250
Dart Container Disposable Plastic Cups 221
Solvay Advanced Polymers Plastic Material and Resins 206
Starbucks Soluable Plant Via Ready Use Coffee 195
Standard Textile Augusta Medical Textiles 190
Elanco / Eli Lilly Dairy/Medicinal Chemicals 190
J & J Mid-South Corrugated Shipping Containers 156
US Battery* Lead Acid Batteries 120
APAC-Georgia Asphalt 108
Olin Corporation Chlorine/Caustic Sodium Hydroxide 103
Macuch Steel Products* Fabricated Steel Structures 92
Southern Machine & Tool* Jigs, Fixtures & Machinery 86
Unimin Kaolin, Mining & Processing 76
PQ Corporation Silicates 63
Prayon Inorganic Phosphates 63
Eagle Parts & Products* Motorized Vehicles 52
Richmond Supply* Machine Shops Rubber & Plastics 46
American Concrete Ready Mix Concrete 43
Finnchem Inorganic Chemicals 43
Modern Welding of Georgia* Metal Tanks 42
Southern Roofing Metal Windows & Doors 40
AAA Sign Signs 36
Palmetto Industries Plastic Bags 34
DSM Resins Paints & Coatings 33

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Augusta’s Largest Non-Manufacturing Employers

U.S. Army Signal Center & Fort Gordon Government Military 25,264*
Augusta University Government Education 4,656
Richmond County School System Government Education 4,418
University Hospital Service Health Care 3,200
Augusta University Hospitals Service Health Care 3,054
Augusta-Richmond County Government Municipal Services 2,612
VA Medical Centers Government Health Care 2,082
East Central Regional Hospital Government Health Care 1,488
Doctors Hospital Service Health Care 1,210

*Military and civilian
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