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From preschool to Ph.D., the Augusta area offers award winning education that is also accessible and affordable. Students at all levels of education have a wide array of choices among both public and private learning institutions.

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Augusta Education Statistics

Education Augusta-Richmond County, GA K-12 United States
School Expend./Pupil $10,754 $10,615
Pupil/Teacher Ratio 8 13.8
Students per Librarian 308 839
Students per Counselor 403 433
Augusta-Richmond County, GA MSA
2 yr College Grad. 7.24% 8.61%
4 yr College Grad. 12.02% 26%
Graduate Degrees 14.97% 8%
High School Grad or higher 87% 86%
Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2015)
Richmond County Schools, Public Information Office (2015)