The Augusta Economic Development Authority (AEDA) is the single point of contact for economic development projects in Augusta-Richmond County.

The AEDA is responsible for the recruitment of these new businesses in the areas of industrial, manufacturing, distribution, corporate & regional headquarters, customer service centers, and assistance with other major economic development projects in the county.

The Augusta Economic Development Authority also focuses on military-related companies that will be working with Fort Gordon's new Cyber Command Headquarters.

The AEDA focuses on the existing industries of Richmond County to ensure their continued expansions and retentions.

The AEDA works with neighboring development authorities through the 13-member Unified Development Council of the Augusta Area.

AEDA Team Meeting


Michael Norris

Michael Norris

Project Manager
Laurie Davis

Laurie Davis

Operations Manager
Cheney Thomasson

Cheney Thomasson Eldridge

Manager of Existing Industry and Strategic Partnerships
Tim McFalls

Tim McFalls Sr.

Manager of Commercial and Retail Development

AEDA Board Meetings

A meeting of the Board of Directors for the Authority will be held February 15, 2024 at 10:00 am.    Please contact Laurie Davis at the Development Authority office at 1450 Greene Street, Suite 3500 or e-mail or call 706-284-8376 for any additional information.  

Board Members

Steven Kendrick

Steven Kendrick

Remer Brinson

Remer Brinson

Vice Chairman

Brenda Bonner


Wilbert "Butch" Gallop, Jr.


Henry Ingram

Board Member

William Hollingsworth

Board Member

Wayne Gossage

Board Member

Shell Berry

Board Member

Charles Lambach

Board Member