Cyber Security

The Future Starts in Augusta

The Augusta Region has long been home to tech- and cyber-related companies such as Unisys’ worldwide security operations and the high-tech, mixed-use Augusta Cyberworks development at Sibley Mill, which is one of the reasons Fort Gordon was chosen by the Pentagon.

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Other cyber-focused businesses and top cybersecurity workers are taking advantage of the expanding field and moving their headquarters and other branches to the Augusta Region.

The $50 million Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center to be located next to the future Augusta University Riverfront Campus will be the new home of Augusta University’s Cyber Institute and the cyber hub for education, business and government, home to a new statewide effort to develop the workforce and infrastructure needed to protect our nation from cyberthreats.

Augusta is becoming a major hub for cybersecurity in the U.S., thanks to:

  • the Pentagon’s 2013 announcement that the U.S. Army Cyber Command would relocate from Fort Meade in Maryland to Fort Gordon in Augusta
  • Augusta University’s Cyber Institute
  • The $100 million Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center, the single largest investment in a cybersecurity facility by a state government to date, is a unique public/private partnership involving academia, state and federal government, law enforcement, the U.S. Army and the private sector.
Currently, there are more than 200,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs nationwide.

The Cyber Institute, along with the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center, will be working to fill those jobs, building a world-class workforce by improving Georgia’s cybersecurity education, training and research infrastructure.