Introducing the AEDA Strike Team

The Development Authority Strike Team is formed of Departments from throughout the city, all dedicated to making sure our partners have what they need to make their project happen. The Strike Team is comprised of:

Economic Development
Information Technology

Representatives from the Departments above work together to provide information, answer questions, and serve as consultants for businesses looking to expand in or relocate to Augusta. Working with the Strike Team can save your company money and time when seeking to grow your business — and best of all, consulting with the Strike Team is completely free.

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Services for Existing and Future Augusta-Based Retail and Commercial Businesses

Whether you’re looking to relocate your business to Augusta, or you simply want to expand your Augusta-based business, the Strike Team provides substantial support and consultation throughout the planning and permit process. In addition, the Strike Team can help you with the following incentives, programs, and processes:

Discover business incentive programs.
Learn more about local, state, and federal tax incentives.
Identify opportunity zones and economic zones for your business.
Navigate regulatory processes with the support of experts in each respective Department.
Get the education and training your team needs to grow your Retail or Commercial business

The AEDA realizes time is of the essence for establishing, relocating, and expanding a Franchise or business. If you need to expedite your permit to meet specific deadlines, the Strike Team can work with you to meet your goals.

Franchise and Business Relocation Services

Relocating your business is a big decision. The Strike Team’s Department experts are well-versed in the Permit process, which gives you the opportunity to gather all the information you need before you begin your project. Working with the AEDA’s Retail and Commercial Strike Team allows you to connect with the individuals who will be working with you throughout the relocation process and help you avoid corrections from City Staff once your project is underway.

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Commercial Business Expansion Services

If your Augusta-based business is thriving, you may need to expand, improve your current building, or build on vacant land. The Strike Team will partner with you at the start of your project to give you the answers you need to plan for your business’ future.

How To Get Started With AEDA’s Strike Team

If your business is expanding or relocating to Augusta, contact the Economic Development Team and provide information on your project and goals. During your initial conversation, an Economic Development Team member will recommend a meeting with the Strike Team to verify your requirements and review your plans as you begin the Permit process.

While the development and permitting process can be time-consuming and challenging, the AEDA provides a one-stop source for moving your projects forward. If you are interested in streamlining your Franchise or Business’ relocation or expansion project, contact the Economic Development Strike Team today!

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